Answering Questions About EcoAir Clean & Green

ANSWER... For EcoAir Clean & Green to remain active for up to 30 days, apply via spray and wipe, wet wiping, direct or indirect fogging. Once product is applied do not use chemical or commercial degreasers, ammonia or bleach-based cleaning products.

ANSWER...Yes… it is effective in killing Coronavirus and it will continue to on the surface for up to 30 days when used properly.

ANSWER... EcoAir Clean & Green is a commercial grade spray-on anti-virus, anti-bacteria, anti-mold disinfectant that terminates all such micro-organisms and mycotoxin growth on contact. Additionally, once a surface is treated with EcoAir Clean & Green, the product will continue to ward off viruses, bacteria, and mold for 30+ days.

ANSWER...Yes. EcoAir Clean & Green is a totally “green” product that contains only ingredients which are rated as non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-flammable, non-hazardous. All components of the product are rated as “food-grade”.

ANSWER... The CDC and the EPA do not "approve" or recommend any manufacturer's specific product. However, our EcoAir Clean & Green product exceeds the CDC's published recommended standards for mitigating Coronavirus/COVID-19. The CDC states that only disinfectants that contain 60-70% alcohol are "effective" in combating the problem. Our EcoAir Clean & Green product contains 72% alcohol and therefore exceeds the CDC standard for treating the virus.

ANSWER...Yes. EcoAir Clean & Green has a very mild, non-irritating, non-allergenic lemon smell which dissipates within a few minutes following application. This smell comes from the food-grade lemon extract which is contained in the product.

ANSWER...No. You do not have to leave during EcoAir Clean & Green treatments...just unplug electronic devices, put away papers that may get damp, and get out of the path of the sprayer to prevent getting wet.

ANSWER...No. In fact, do not wipe the product off a treated surface...let it dry. After the product dries (in a few minutes) the treated surface is protected from contamination. It is alright to clean a treated surface afterward but do not use any petroleum or acid-based cleaners as these can cause the EcoAir Clean & Green protection to degrade.

ANSWER... EcoAir Clean & Green is effective not only for viral contamination and prevention but: mold, bacteria, chemical clean-up, and general household and commercial cleaning.